A Guide to 0 DTE SPX is an eBook that takes you step by step on how to do 0 DTE SPX trades 5 times a week for daily income.

Using the methods described in this book you will be able to make consistent high probability trades. You will learn the exact timeframes and indicators to use to make successful trades.



What is 0 DTE SPX?

0 DTE SPX is a stock option trade that you execute in the same day the options expire (0 Days To Expiration). We use the SPX stock index so these trades are called 0 DTE SPX.

How much capital does it require?

You need at least $500 in capital to make an SPX option trade

How much knowledge about stocks do I need?

This is not a beginners trade. You need to know how to make vertical option spreads. There is a list in the book of resources to learn about options.

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